Selecting a Corporate Gift

Selecting a Corporate Gift

When planning to buy a gift for your clients or customers it is always important to pay keen attention to selecting the right cooperate gift. When giving out gift to clients or customers it is always very critical because every gift has an impact. The gifts should bring a positive impact to your company. Make sure that the gifts always promote your company. When you give out gifts clients and customers always t feel appreciated for working with you.


Always do a proper research about your clients before issuing them with gifts. Be sure you know what they like and what they do not like. Even as you give out gifts make sure that they do not affect the person negatively or bring them sad memories. If they are from a different cultural background be sure to do a proper research so that your gift does not offend them while you thinking it’s good.


When you decide to buy a gift there is always a reason for it. Always be sure why you are giving out gifts to clients. It maybe because you want to promote the company brand picks a gift that associates with promotion of the brand. Advertising the company is also a goal; choose a gift that fits advertisement maybe like a t-shirt with the company’s name and logo printed on it. If clients or customers feel good carrying your gifts with them everywhere they go it works well as an advert for your company.


When selecting corporate gifts always make sure that can be used daily by the clients. This helps because it makes sure that the client always gives you a first priority. When they use the gift daily they keep remembering you and even promote you to persons they meet. Examples are mugs, pens or diaries with your company’s logo or name.


Always keep in mind the company’s financial statutes when buying gifts clients. Draw up a budget that suits the ideal gift for a client. There are top clients that you can use a little more than normal to get them a specific gift. Do not go overboard even though you are trying to please your client.


When giving out cooperate gifts always try to be personal but don’t make it to be too personal or it might hinder the real meaning of the gift. If the gifts are for associates in company or employees make sure that you know the occasion maybe it’s a promotion gift or a birthday gift always make it personal but not too much.


Some cooperate gifts are given to employees or customers to acknowledge their contributions to the company. Clients and employees who are acknowledged always feel appreciated and they even work harder to increase their input in the company and even  help promote the business to everyone they know.


Always give out gifts that are acceptable to your clients. Choose gifts that would make you happy when you use them personally. If you feel that you personally would not like the gift, do not purchase it for a client. The gift you offer should always make the client remember you and your company fondly.

Do not go overboard

When selecting cooperates, gifts always do not exaggerate printing and labeling everything with the company name or the logo everywhere. Do not be so obvious that you are trying to promote the company. Make a small print if you need to have the company’s name on the gift. Maintain relevance and make the prints look official so that the audience will build trust in you.



Every company should observe their Sports Day every year and make the day an eventful and memorable one. Among the different arrangements that should be made for a Sports day, one of the most important ones is the distribution of gifts. There are several prizes to be given out to the winners of various events. Not only that, there are consolation prizes too! Some companies even believe in giving away gifts to each and every participant irrespective of whether they win or lose just to acknowledge their participation and commemorate the event. So there has to be different categories of gifts for the different events and different position-holders.

Here are some gift ideas for a corporate sports day:

  • Tea-shirt: Tea-shirt with the company title and logo printed on them form one of the most popular gift ideas for a corporate sports day. Tea-shirts of various colors and styles are available for the purpose and at attractive discounts if bought in bulks. You can not only distribute them as gifts but also make them the uniform of the volunteers.
  • Mugs: All of us have received coffee-mugs as gifts at some point of time. It is a great gift that can be used to serve both purposes- keeping them as decorative items on the show-case and also drinking tea or coffee during the evening.
  • Glass Tumbler: They can be used to carry the drinks of our choice and can also be a great gifting idea for a corporate sports day. Instead of giving them out loosely, the authorities can also fill them with an energy drink or juice of their choice and then distribute them. After all, nothing can be more refreshing than these drinks on the sports day.
  • Felt Carrier Bags: These bags and can be used to carry different items of your choice. They are eco-friendly bags that can be recycled after use. They are available in multiple attractive colors such as red, blue, green or grey. This is an economic option too!
  • Caps: A sports day without caps is unimaginable. Caps of different sizes, colors and textures can be easily distributed on a sports day. Not only will they protect the participants from the rays of the scorching sun but will also help the company to be promoted as a brand.

If you are a company head planning to give away sports day gifts to your customers, we will share some important tips with you, to make you aware of what to avoid while buying those gifts:

  • Know the Exact Number: Many people make mistakes while calculating the number of gifts to be given out. This mistake should be avoided at any cost and in order to avoid discrepancies and discrimination among the participants. Know the number of employees that are participating in the events and buy gifts accordingly.

In addition to this, the gifts exclusively for the winners need to be bought too. If there are a total of ten events to be held and you intend to give prizes for the first three positions of each of these events, you should make sure that you buy the right kind of gifts for all of them. Also, buy a few extra gifts since there can be draws and successful tie-breakers may not be arranged. So, it is better to have extra gifts in hand so that you can give them out to the joint winners in case of a tie.

  • Maintain Uniformity: Give the same gifts to all your participants. If you decide to give three different gifts to the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up, do the same for all the events. Otherwise, if you intend to give the same gifts to the three of them, do the same for all events.
  • Present Them in the Right Way: The gifts should be given in proper gift boxes or wrapped neatly so that they have the surprise elements intact. The pleasure of receiving gifts is doubled if they come well-wrapped or encased. You might wanna get some corporate gift ideas to impress your valuable clients at this website.

So keep these things in mind when you go to buy the gifts for the annual sports day of your company and make the day a memorable one!