Eight factors to consider when giving PowerBank units as corporate gifts

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Powerbank devices are used by very busy and active mobile phone users to ensure they have constant battery power for their mobile devices. Whether you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you need a battery power. This is especially true if you spend your time hanging out at a cafe, downloading or watching videos on Facebook. All that video viewing can sap your mobile device’s battery life. A powerbank unit can go a long way in extending your use time of your device as you recharge the main battery of your unit. Powerbank units are not only useful. They can also make for great corporate gifts. You shouldn’t just jump on this opportunity without doing advance research. It may lead to your company spending too much money on a giveaway program that produces too few results. To ensure maximum return on investment, consider the following eight factors.

Cost per unit

It doesn’t get any more basic than this. You need to make sure you’re giving away items that are cheap enough to maximize return on investment. You don’t want to give expensive items that it would take an arm and a leg to get your money back if at all. The powerbank devices you’re giving away should be affordable enough to ensure a wider coverage as far as unit volume and audience reach are concerned. With that said, you don’t want to go overboard on cost. While hunting down cheap units are important, make sure you don’t cut back on your quality expectations. At the very least, the units must have passed mandatory US product standards. After all, your company would not want its brand tainted by a connection to fault electronic goods.

Weight and convenience

There are many different powerbank designs and models. Be very careful regarding these differences. You wouldn’t want to give a gift that is as solid and heavy as a rock. Sure, it helps people charge their phones but it may be so heavy that it’s impractical. The worst thing that could happen is for them to avoid using your gift because it’s just impractical. In that situation, you just wasted precious corporate resources, giving away an item that people rarely use. Pay attention to weight and convenience. It has to be light enough to be practical.

Size and convenience

Powerbank units also come in wide range of sizes. The general rule of thumb when it comes to mobile gadgets or anything related to such gadgets is quite simple: the larger the unit, the more impractical it is. Keep in mind this rule of thumb. If you’re going to be giving away that’s half the size of a tablet and is very heavy, very few people would lug that gadget around. You can bet on that.

Portability and branding capacity

The reason why you need to pay attention to weight, size and overall convenience is the fact that these factors play a big role on how portable the powerbank unit is. The more portable the unit, the higher the chance your target audience members will carry around this unit. The more they carry it around, the more people they will brand or the more they will interact with your brand. Regardless, the volume of usage is crucial for the success of your corporate gifts in your branding campaign.

Return on marketing investment

Make sure that you are going to have to get your money back. That’s the bottom line. It’s nice to give gifts to people. It’s nice to put a smile on people’s face. Those considerations are important but they are of secondary importance to your company’s profitability. It’s all about money coming in. Unfortunately, if your powerbank giveaway program is not designed properly or it doesn’t fit the usage patterns of your target audience members, then you probably be better off giving away something else. In certain context, giving away powerbanks may just prove to be too expensive as far as return on marketing investment is concerned.

How closely does it fit your target recipient’s lifestyles?

If you notice that your target recipients are very active on their mobile devices then giving away powerbanks make all the sense in the world. However, if you notice that they don’t use gadgets all that much or they tend to remain indoors, you probably would be better off with another type of giveaway. The key lesson to learn here is a little bit of advance customer intelligence goes a long way as far as making the appropriate strategic decisions in your branding campaigns go.

Quality supplier

The last thing you want is to give away powerbanks that blow up, cause all sorts of hardships or otherwise fail to do their job. Give away quality products. Accordingly, you need to get in touch with a quality supplier. Usually, price and quality tend to go in the same directions. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the item. Pick a quality supplier that would be able to produce useful powerbank units which are durable enough. At the same time, it should not cost you an arm and a leg. It may seem like you’re looking for a unicorn but there are actually affordable, high-quality manufacturers out there. You just need to do the legwork.


Another factor you should not lose sight of involves getting powerbank units to where they need to go. How are you going to give away the powerbank units? Are you going to give them away at a convention? Are you going to distribute them one by one thru mail? Are you going to have people pick them up? These different scenarios play a major impact on the kind of powerbanks you are going to give away. They impact whether you should give away these gadgets at all. If you’re going to be physically handling, warehousing and transporting these materials, giving away powerbanks might prove too costly. If the dollar value of each of your customers is very high, then otherwise expensive logistical issues may be worth it. However, if you are shooting for the mass market, logistical cost may torpedo your powerbank giveaway program.

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